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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. japan battles to contain radiation, but what about our nuclear reactors here in california, a look at our risk for a meltdown. a gunman takes over a marin county bank. what he wanted and it wasn't money. governor brown is turning to his pet core gee to help balance the state's 26 billion- dollar budget deficit. what the dog will do to raise some cash. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. radiation is spewing from a nuclear power plant in japan and the prime minister is telling millions of people to stay inside, don't open any windows, don't even hang any laundry outside. >> tonight the stock markets
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all across asia have plunged. japan's unique adropped more than 12% in tuesday afternoon trading. the death toll from the quake has soared to 2400 people. the usgs now says last week's quake was 9.0, not 8.9, but for the moment all eyes are on a nuclear plant in northeastern japan, people who live within 20 miles of the fukushima reactor are being told to stay inside. now things out of japan are changing quickly. >> grace lee is here following developments on everything going on over there. grace? >> reporter: japanese officials say they have detected elevated levels in tokyo but it's not expected to be a health risk for 39 million people. but near the reactor radiation levels are definitely high enough to be a health hazard. at one point radiation levels jumped up to eight times what a person is normally exposed to in an entire year. they now believe that the
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container that house test nuclear reactor core has a leak. what this means is that people who live or work nearby may be exposed to radiation. this is by no means a chernobyl. that's the 1986 disaster when the nuclear core melted in the ukraine. but what does this mean for us here in california? well experts say it is highly unlikely than any radiation could reach our coast, most of it will diffuse in the air, and the rest will drop into the pacific. >> when you dissolve salt into water what happens? while delusion is not the solution in this case, it is going to make it so you really can't measure it. >> reporter: while it's unlikely we'll be exposed to 2 radiation from japan what about our own nuclear reactors here in california. are the diablo canyon and santa nobody lay plants strong enough to withstand a tsunami. well it depends who you ask. just 60 miles from the san andreas plant is the diablo canyon nuclear plant.
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for 25 years it has turned out electricity. they say this will withstand any earthquake up to a 7.5. >> like all u.s. nuclear reactors they are over built. >> they operate the plant supplying electricity to 1 1/2 million house holds, edison says its plant can withstand anything up to a 7.0 and it has a 30-foot wall to hold off a potential tsunami. >> when we talk about with standing, certainly you're not infeignedding to operate the plant during an emergency but you want to shut it down and protect the public. we can do that. >> none of the faults in california are expected to produce anything close to the quake that has devastated japan. state and federal officials say we're well prepared for any natural disaster. but that's all so what the japanese assumed about their own nuclear reactors. >> it does tell you that your assumptions about safety may be wrong and i think we really need to go back and take a look
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at our systems and make sure that our assumptions are still valid. >> reporter: there are multiple protections in place, sensors run by the government should detect any radiation leaking from here or from abroad. if there is, the department of health says it has plenty of potassium iodide, that's the so- called radiation pills, they should have plenty on hand, they are given out regularly to people who live or work near nuclear plants, the state says though there is no reason they need to distribute these pills at this time. >> i probably got a dozen emails from people wondering if there is going to be some radiation cloud coming over to the west coast. >> reporter: there seems to be some hype online about where this radiation cloud could go. >> yes. >> reporter: but all experts we have spoken to say highly highly unlikely. >> all right. good information. grace, thank you for that. the cost of the tidal surges in california has topped $40 million here at home. most of that is from damage to the harbors in crescent city and santa cruz. kiet do shows us the clean-up. >> reporter: to anyone else
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it's just a 30-foot long piece of smashed and muddy fiberglass but to jody connolly it was his life. >> it's a weird feeling to actually see your home and the place of your, you know, where you run your business and your lifestyle just get, you know, sunk away in 15 or 20 minutes. >> reporter: the trident had been his home for the last two years. but, by the time the power and instructive force of the tsunami became obvious in the santa cruz harbor it was too late. he lost all his photos, business and life. >> i feel fortunate to be able to share it with a lot of people who had it and, you know, it's -- it will definitely be a, you know, in the memory books. so? divers spent the day attaching balloons to the sunken ships to float them to the surface. a crane handled the rest. the work is slow and dangerous. only 5 boats have been recovered since the weekend.
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what do you tell people watching this and say this is going really slow, why can't you go faster. >> this is going extremely fast. you would be priced. >> reporter: out of the hundreds of boats in the arborists not exactly clear how the tsunami sunk the 17 boats it did glow who knows, you know, i mean it's an act of god, you can't really, you know, question that too much. you just got to accept it and deal with the after math. >> reporter: more pain is ahead as the boats are methodically plucked out 1 by 1, as jody says, the men and women of u- dot u doc have to keep each other afloat. 12 more are to go. an additional 10 boats are unaccounted for. the coast guard believes this they were dragged out to sea or have sunk somewhere in this harbor. kiet do, cbs5. now to crescent city where friday's waves destroyed the harbor. in all, 53 vessels are damaged
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and that includes 15 that sank. a federal team will go to crescent city later this week and use sonar to map the sunken boats. the damage has hit the local fishing industry, particularly hard. a standoff at a marin county bank came to an endless than an hour ago. police say a man whos who was hold up at the bank of america at camel pius drive in corte madera surrendered after 10:00 p.m. t man was requesting some pretty high-level meetings. >> reporter: inside the bank of america a gunman masses back and forth. he is talking on the speaker phone with police and f.b.i. negotiators outside. they are telling him he is surrounded and should give himself up. police say the man is clearly suffering from psychological problems. first he demanded a conversation with the ceo of bank of america. now he wants to talk directly with president obama. >> he begins waving a gun around, a pistol, black. >> reporter: dg till on the was a customer at the bank. he says the man walked in with
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what appeared to be a typewritten manifesto around 4:30 this afternoon, he told the employees to tape pages of the document to the front window. what was he saying? st. louis he didn't want to harm anyone, he was there to make a statement about the economy and banking in general and just how sit corrupt and run by criminals. >> what were you thinking the whole time? >> umm, well i was thinking maybe i should just take him out. the gun wasn't cocked, but he could have had quick enough reflexes. even though he might be aiming at me he might end up shooting someone else because he is so erratic. he offered any customers to leave or to finish your business and then leave. there was a couple people who left immediately, i was finishing my business as he directed and then -- >> reporter: you finished your business. >> i was depositing a check. i thought i might get the money in there before it gets stolen. >> reporter: all of the employees and customers got out
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safely and pretty quickly. the gunman hold himself up for more than 5 hours and then just before 10:00 tonight surrendered to police. in core take ma deer a, joe vasquez, cbs5. >> turns out it wasn't even a real weapon. after the arrest the police chief told them the suspect was waving around a pellet gun. >> other headlines here in the bay area, thieves ransacked oakland's prime elementary school over the weekend forcing them to cancel classes. they went through 30 classrooms stealing computers, projectors, even a safe from the principal's office. many suspect it was an inside job because the alarm was off and the thieves seemed to know where the valuables were. assemblyman tom am jarno introduce add bill that would require california school districts to create tougher rules against bullying. it is in memory of seth walsh,
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he is a 13-year-old gay student who killed himself in september. with gasoline prices at 4 bucks a gallon more people are taking mass transit. especially those with long commutes, ridership on the ace train from stockton to san jose is up 11% this year. the capital corridor is up 13%. b.a.r.t., cal train, san trans, bta and golden gate transit are all up about 5% or more. coming up the state faces a 26 billion-dollar deficit. now a top dog to the rescue. how the governor's pet core agree may help balance the budget. and what does it take to save one tree in the bay area? the three-month saga that is not even close to being over. >> just when you thought it was safe to put that umbrella away more rain in the bay area forecast. when you will hear those raindrops as "eyewitness news" ,
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to balance the state's 26-billion dollar budget deficit. the governor's office banking on a new solution to balance the state's $26 billion budget deficit. meet governor brown's correspondence gee, sutter. he is on t-shirts, mugs, hats, other doggy items for sale. the governor's office is hoping sale of these items will take a little bite off out of the budget item. some dog lovers have their concerns. >> i think it's a good idea but i think there is a lot of other things you could do to balance the budget. >> yeah, like what?
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with $3 from every item sold going to the general fund the state would have to sell 887 million eye temperatures of sutter merchandise or look at that, if we each bought 24 t- shirts we would solve the budget crisis. >> raise the prices. a city project proves nothing is easy in san francisco. it starts with a tree that everyone, of course, wanted to save. but phil matier showed us no one new how much work or money would be involved. >> think of it as the public works project from hell. a simple four-week job that has turned into a three-month nightmare, complete with blunders and blackouts as full- time crews working up to 6 days a week toil on a job where everything that could go wrong seems to have gone wrong. >> every day there's been something interesting to watch. >> reporter: started out simple enough.
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neighbors wanted to save this 70-year-old pine tree from getting banged up by delivery trucks passing by it. the idea was to put a bumper there. then they decided why not fix up the street underneath the tree as well. simple enough in any again. whenever you do any work on a street you have to make the sidewalk next to it handicap accessible under the federal ada rules. and that meant dropping this sidewalk about 11". no sooner had the concrete dried on the new sidewalk, however, than they found out that the fire hydrant that was once here didn't fit any more so they had to move it across the street to its new location. the problem was they hit a pg&e pip while they were doing it and blacked out the whole neighborhood. >> about every month or so looks like there's been some blackouts and stuff like that. >> reporter: plus, in order to accommodate the new lower sidewalk they now have to lower the street.
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a job that has proven just as challenging, for example, today they had a tree expert on the site to make sure that the new digging doesn't hurt the roots of the very tree that they are trying to save. so far the cityest they have spent over $100,000 on the job but neighbors are betting the final tab will a lot higher. >> there are between 5 and 10 people here most of the time and these huge -- >> reporter: every day working? >> yeah. >> reporter: for the past two months? >> yeah. not on sundays, some saturdays. >> reporter: barring any more unforeseen problems they hope to have this job done in a couple of weeks. but as you can see, when it comes to unforeseen problems, there doesn't seem to be any limit with this project. in san francisco, phil matier, cbs5. no limit to the good weather if you're a duck. >> if you're a duck? >> loving it right now, right roberta? >> yeah. that project again. a wet week ahead. you would never know that spring officially arrives on sunday, right?
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what do you see behind me here? absolutely nothing. but, by tomorrow morning's commute, we'll have some green on this screen indicating rain showers, in fact earlier today 2/100ths of an inch of rain recorded in san jose, nearly 7/10ths, in santa rosa, nearly a quarter in san francisco. mostly cloudy with areas of patchy fog tonight with numbers into the 40s and 50s, very muggy. now we do have this area of low pressure out of here, that was today's system, on deck is the second weather system that promises to bring us colder air mass associated with it so when it collides with that more mild air mass already in place we do have a threat of an thunderstorm for your tuesday with the impending rain shower. you see that there? this is tuesday. watch northern sonoma county, that's when we had that threat of a thunderstorm. during the day the rain gradually spreads from the north to the south, over the santa cruz mountains and the santa clara valley, about 6:00 during the evening commute. so bottom line is it will be a wet tuesday with moderate to
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heavy rain from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, numbers into the 50s and the 60s, the south winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. there you have a lingering shower on wednesday, another system, a third one by thursday evening, with the chance of a lingering shower friday and then the unsettled weather will continue all the way through the first day of spring on sunday. check in out. brenda, i love you. really. this is a great picture. can you see it? >> really, it's a heart. >> it's a heart cloud over monterey county. thanks brenda. keep those coming to >> i saw it right away, opened up the picture, went oh, it's a heart. for you. >> too bad it isn't valentines day. >> it's a little late. >> yeah. >> we're coming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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will the all- electronic t "eyewitness news" is brought to you by the going going gone event. >> you heard about it. but how will the all-electronic toll taking work on the golden gate bridge. how is it going to work this
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that's tonight's good question. this will be a rare sight come november 2012. a car stopping to pay a toll- taker on the golden gate bridge. >> there's certainly a lot of cages in going to all- electronic technology. the toll booth will be like a ghost town. >> they have approved a proposal to eliminate its toll- takers saving more than $60 million over the next 10 years. 66% of the drivers are already on fasttrack. more are expected to convert. but what about the rest. >> specifically, for the railcar companies for example. all have the rental car license plates are logged in with the fasttrack. >> harry curry says tourists will be able to pay their tolls up front when they rent their cars. those driving with out of state plates will be able to pay at a kiosk or online because everybody and their plate will
2:01 am
be photographed. >> if you ignore those notices you're going to end up at the counter in the dmv having to write a very big check. >> it's not all about money. she says the electronic toll system will speed up the commute especially on weekend when more people pay in cash. click on connect to send me your good question. >> it appears the a's may pay a steep toll of their own. i'm dennis o'donnell. i'm dennis o'donnell. what happened in a game today what does that say? mr. clean with febreze freshness? oh, boy. mr. thinks-he-has-it-all, comes in here... yeah, not only does he clean great, this mr. clean has freshness that lasts up to two times longer. (sniffing) what a show off. he-he's like a guy that's, like, a good actor, but then he's also a musician... yeah... and then he does some modelling on the side. can't believe this guy. (scoff) get freshness that lasts up to two times longer with mr. clean with febreze freshness. and now there are two exotic new scents,
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are "no" bay area mens teams in the ncaa, once omen get center sta for the first time in 20 years there are no bay area men's teams in the ncaa tournament. so, once again, the stanford women get center stage. the cardinal earned its 8th 1 seed in the program's history. they'll play the 16th seed uc davis on saturday at naples pavilion, uconn is the other number 1s. why do they like their chances to win it all. >> i like to call it sister hood of stanford. not just neck and i, we're all included in our sister hood, the number 1 leader and the big sister. i consider my little sister you know being freshman, so it's a sister to stanford and i'm excited about how close knit we are going into the tournament because we can put it all on the court and be happy with what we do. ncaa tournament >> takes it and the hoosiers take it. >> keith smart hits a game
2:05 am
winning shot in the ncaa tournament in 1987, putting indiana overseer cues. it was coach bobby night's final championship with the hoosiers. i talked to the general today. take me back to that particular moment. >> reporter: we were down by a point. darryl thomas had the ball under the bucket. keith caught it had his feet shot and hit a makeable shot. that cut that was made by keith smart and the pass that was made by darryl thomas will forever be in my memory as the two best plays i ever saw in basketball. >> keith smart with a few less hairs 24 years later. tonight's game again the sacramento kings didn't make it get any better, you have to play some d. marcus thornton throws down two of his career high 42, sacramento led by as many as 22. too much thornton who can bomb from outside. the kings win by 4 tonight. city college and san francisco was tied at 81 with
2:06 am
citrus college with 2 seconds left. lincoln high grad den parker wins with a put-back. it's the first state title since john kennedy was president. he came home to a hero's welcome on campus today. >> how many text messages can you have. >> over 30, and over 40 face books. >> reporter: how many times have you watched split i watched it at least 25 times, at least, that's just when i woke up. . >> great stuff. the a's history with injuries is so bad they changed trainers this season, seems no one has the answer why. even their general manager. >> the injury bug has been the achilles heel of this team for years. that's just bad luck isn't it? thanks dennis. >> yeah, no one was laughing today when closer andrew bailey came off the mound in pain against the indians. the a's are calling it forearm
2:07 am
tight negligence. tightness. he will be examined tomorrow. antti niemi making his 24th straight start, patrick mueller, joe thornton's 2 will this goal of the season, but the blackhawks go on a tear. marian hossa, jonathan toews finishes off, chicago wins 6-3 but the sharks take the season series 3 games to 1. >> the general. >> the general bobby knight. >> still crying. >> bringing it. perfect way to get ready for march madness too. uc davis, your daughter is an aggie. >> yeah, she is is an aggie but she goes to school there. >> uc davis. see, i don't know where the brains come from in that lysol believes that kids shouldn't miss school days during cold and flu season.
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that's why we started a mission for health. by going beyond clean surfaces to healthy surfaces. by making a healthy way to wash hands. and even by working with a pediatrician to develop lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools. when you use lysol, you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit
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